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Boheme is a medium weight cartridge at 6.8Gms making it compatible with a broad variety of tonearms and thanks to its2.2mV output, Boheme works well with most MM phono preamps. All Soundsmith cartridges are Made in the USA.


  • Soundsmith-Moving-Iron-Cartridge-Boheme

Bohememore air, enormous dynamic range and broad, deep soundstaging. Boheme features a ruby cantilever, created from a single crystal of this precious material. Ruby is lighter and more rigid than aluminum, greatly improving signal transfer and tracking ability. The lack of imperfections in the ruby cantilever contributes greatly to Boheme's purity of tone and astonishing clarity. The stylus, a high-purity diamond, is ground to a nude, contact-line shape, allowing it to ride deeper in the groove and more easily track difficult passages.

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