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Serial No History

This is an incomplete record which we will complete over time.

Upgrade Transformer for all turntables and DC motor kits.

From Serial No 160401 Transformer upgraded to fully balanced design and purpose built with unique specifications  - identified with a "B" for balanced after the serial number - 2nd April 2016

From Serial No 151101 upwards dated 1st November 2015.

No other changes since around 2001 when a different early transformer was housed in a smaller box with grooves in the ends.


DC200 Motor changed to higher power and smoother running type - identified by label on motor saying "DC200" - March 2016


MK3-1 from 12th April 2016

All decks from Aurora to Sovereign designated model numbers MK3-1, due to a significant upgrade to more costly motors. The new motors increase drive torque between 2 and 4 times that of previous decks.

Subjectively the sound is more punchy with increased pace, dynamics and slam in the bass. Because the new motors are smoother running, resolution and all other aspects are also improved.

The turntable power supply has been improved to include temperature compensation so speed is now hardly affected by room temperature changes. Load compensation has also been improved.

The new decks are designated  “MK3-1” on their label to supersede the old MK3. These started production on 12th April 2016.

Older MK2 & MK3 decks can be upgraded to the new motor and power supply specification.

Aurora MK3-1 now uses new DC200 motor (2 times the power of the old DC100).
All decks above use the DC300 (4 times the power of old DC100)

ALL DECKS 1st of July 2016 (Serial No 010716 and above)
Confidential Main Bearing refinement improves performance Significantly.
2 Plastic feet have anti-slip self ahdhesive cork pads fitted

SOVEREIGN MK3-2 from 1st June 2016 (Serial No 010616 and above)
This version features a new energy dissipating platter which has an enormous influence on performance. The  design is derived from the extensive research invested in the Voyager-S which takes performance into the Stratosphere. Every area of sound quality is improved but most noticable is increased definition and separation with a tangible realism in the sound quality. Top end clarity is markedy better and transient speed along with timing also benefits.

This expensive, but worthwhile upgrade transforms the deck to a level well above most high end decks regardless of their price. . Upgrade from MK3.1 involves a new spindle and platter, armboard change in height, new feet and is priced at £950. Subchassis and platter need to be returned to Origin Live for installation of upgraded parts.

VOYAGER Turntable - 2nd April 2016
From Serial No 150901 harder ballbearing in main spindle, power supply upgrade, motor upgrade to DC300, transformer revised to fully balanced. 2nd April 2016


Checking age is not easy on older arms - You can identify some models from photos in the "upgrading Origin Live arms" page - see right side menu tab on any tonearm page.
However there is nothing really that ages on tonearms - bearings certainly don't age and wiring just gets better with run in.
Newer arms have the serial number in reverse date order scratched on the side ring of the base or on the underside of the arm plate.


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