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Systemdek llX 900 Turntable Motor Upgrade

Systemdek motor upgrade to the Origin Live Turntable Motor

  1. Remove base board from turntable by unscrewing four rubber feet.
  2. Unscrew turntable motor connections from choccy block. Unscrew motor from mounting plate (obvious when you see it).
  3. Remove motor and clip mains lead off transformer. Poke remains of mains lead through exit hole of deck.
  4. Mount Origin Live DC turntable motor from underneath using single screw into bottom of top plinth.
  5. Thread DC motor lead through old hole left by mains lead. Adjust turntable motor position and fit belt.
  6. Done in half an hour. Don't replace base board as no mains voltage now passes through deck.


Origin Live Ltd. Unit 5, 362B Spring Road Sholing, Southampton SO19 2PB, UK