Thorens TD 160 HD Motor Replacement and Upgrade

Thorens TD 160 HD motor and power supply upgrade

The Thorens TD 160 HD motor is very easy to replace and at the same time provide a massive upgrade in performance. It's easy to be skeptical that this mod makes the enormous difference owners report. If this is you then please read the article on "what makes a better deck"?

To fit the DC motor kit to the Thorens TD 160 HD turntable is very straightforward and accomplished by carrying out the following steps. The modifications are easily reversible should you ever wish to sell your Thorens but retain the DC motor.

Notes and photos by kind permission of Modular Audio in Singapore


After removing the Thorens TD 160 HD motor, fit the Origin Live Motor Plate to the top of the plinth using a single screw - belt tension is adjusted by swivelling the motor which holds it's position by friction created by the tightness of the fastening screw..







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