Thorens TD 850 Motor Replacement and Upgrade

Thorens TD 850 motor and power supply upgrade

The Thorens TD 850 motor is very easy to replace and at the same time provide a massive upgrade in performance. It's easy to be skeptical that this mod makes the enormous difference owners report. If this is you then please read the article on "what makes a better deck"?

To fit the DC motor kit to the Thorens TD 850 turntable is very straightforward and accomplished by carrying out the following steps. The modifications are easily reversible should you ever wish to sell your Thorens but retain the DC motor.

Notes and photos by kind permission of Ray Ackerman


I purchased your motor upgrade, as my Thorens' motor was failing. Installing it was exceedingly easy. After removing the old motor, all I had to do was drill 3 holes in the existing Thorens' motor plate, screw the motor onto the plate and reinstall the assembly back on the table. Total install time was around 15 to 20 minutes, mostly due to drilling the 3 holes.


After run in the motor has settled in and works great. I only wished that I purchased the upgrade power supply, not that the stock one isn't great, but rather, I'm just wondering how much improvement I would get from the upgraded one.

It is worth mentioning that the motor plate that Origin Live supply with the motor for the Thorens TD 850 makes a perfect template for drilling the holes mentioned above.




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