ZYX Cartridge Comparison Chart

ZYX CartridgesR100, Yatra & FujiR-1000 Airy 3 & R-1000 Airy Cosmos
TypeMoving CoilMoving Coil
Output Voltage0.48mV0.48mV
Frequency Response10Hz - 80kHz +/- 1dB = 20kHz - 20kHz10Hz - 100kHz +/- 1dB = 20kHz - 20kHz
Channel Separation>30dB (kHz)>30dB (kHz)
Channel Balance<0.5dB (1kHz)<0.5dB (1kHz)
Compliance Horizontal15 x 10-6cm / dyne15 x 10-6cm / dyne
Compliance Vertical12 x 10-6cm / dyne12 x 10-6cm / dyne
Trackability>80 u m/2.0gm>80 u m/2.0gm
Stylus TypeMicro Ridge Solid DiamondMicro Ridge Solid Diamond
CantileverBoron Rod 0.3 diaBoron Rod 0.3 dia
Cartridge BodyNon Metallic/ MagneticNon Metallic/ Magnetic
Tracking Force1.7-2.5g (1.8 Nominal)1.7g-2.5g (1.8 Nominal)

Please note:

- All cartridges listed are high output versions (H) - Low output versions can be ordered specially.

- Low output versions (L) have an output of 0.24mV - other specification is identical to (H)

- The Yatra, Fuji  and other versions not listed here are only available to order.


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