Rega Tonearm Modifications & Rewire by Origin Live

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OL Tonearm Rewire for Rega Arms

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Internal arm Litz wires
Rega Tonearm Modifications & Rewire by Origin Live

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Rega tonearm modifications by Origin Live - Overview

"...A real Giant killer...tonal colour is fresh dynamics have great speed and impact, and the sound stage is huge." -Upgrade to Rega RB300 & RB250 - Hi-Fi World

“A true giant killer...with Origin Live’s rewiring, it’s one of the best arms money can buy and no less a bargain.” -Upgrades on Rega RB250- Hi-Fi World

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The Rega arms can be utterly transformed by Origin Live upgrades - it's worth it! Over 5 reviewers in the past have used an Origin Live upgraded  tonearm as their reference tonearm in preference to pick up arms costing over 6 times as much. All Rega arms can be transformed to outperform arms at many times their price, using the stunning range of Origin Live upgrades (no hype!). These unique upgrades transform Rega manufactured arms in such a way that every aspect of performance benefits. The results have astonished users who report the difference as a night and day experience.

To get an idea of the significance of each upgrade, a percentage ranking has been assigned to each modification to represent the relative performance enhancement.

  • Structural Mod and counterweight 60%
  • Internal rewire 20%
  • External rewire 20%

Each of these modifications can be carried out by Origin Live, in which case you send your arm into us and we carry out the modification. We realize that you probably don't want to be without your arm for long and so turnaround is usually within 1 to 3 days.

Should you not wish to send your arm in to us then you can carry out the work yourself as we provide full instructions. The kit versions of all the above upgrades are offered as seen on the ordering section. The structural mod is very straightforward but the rewiring needs a fair amount of soldering skill. If you wish to see how easy it is to carry out the modifications yourself, see link Rega Modification instructions

Sending Your Arm to Us

Once you have placed your order online you can send the arm to us. The arm travels well in a box with scrunched up newspaper or bubble wrap. Remove the counterweight and wrap seperately. Lastly, ensure that the fingerlift on the end of the armtube is well protected as this is the most vulnerable part and can get snapped off unless  precautions are taken.

Remember to enclose your contact details with the arm so that we can marry it up with your online order. Once we receive your arm we can normaly despatch it within 2 to 4 days.

Please do not send your cartridge to us with your arm. It is extremely likely for the cartridge to be severely damaged during transit. It is not needed for the upgrade.

Removing your arm from the deck depends on its vintage. For all models you first unscrew the plastic clip which clamps the cable to the underside of your turntable ( do not try and remove the cable from the base of the arm itself or the wires will probably snap inside). With older arms there is a large nut holding the base of the arm underneath the deck. This needs to be removed by unscrewing it from the arm base. The arm can then be pulled up and removal is complete.
Later models Rega have a 3 point mounting - simply remove the 3 bolts or screws that hold the arm base prongs to the deck and you can lift the arm to remove it from the deck.

Re-installation is simply a reverse of these proceedures.

If you are sending us your arm from outside the EEC, please contact us first as we will need to give you specific instructions to avoid incurring unwarranted customs charges and handling fees.

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