Silver Reviews

"The Silver MK II offers increased neutrality and refinement to the already superb musical capabilities of the old Silver 250 and MK I Silver arms without any increase in cost. This is a benchmark arm."

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"There may be better value propositions around to upgrade your system but if there is I haven't heard them - for 840 euros you get a component that lets your system realise its full potential. I fully anticipate this product remaining at the heart of my system for many years to come. A fantastic product then from Origin Live and this particular audiophiles dream review tool."

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"Origin Live continues its run of excellent new products and its tradition of reasonable prices. A terrific arm, a terrific bargain, and, obviously, the highest of recommendations."

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"If Mark Baker put this in a fancy box and hired a flashy PR, he could probably charge five times this amount. But he doesn't, and it's to his credit. Words can't express how good this is - for vinyl junkies, this is one of the designs of the decade."

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"Not only does Origin Live desire to give you the best in sound and music, they also want to do it at a fair price. They focus their budget on high quality engineering & materials with a minimum of marketing & glitz."

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"The Origin Live Silver tonearm is phenomenal and makes me realize what a bargain it truly is at its asking price. 6 Moons magazine Best of 2005 award"

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