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Vinyl Passion Dust Buster

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The VP Dust Buster offers the finest protection for your Stylus Increasing its Life by up to 1000 hours. Very Easy To Use.........Your VP Dust Buster will give many years of trouble free service and keep both your Stylus and Vinyl in pristine condition

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Vinyl Passion have discovered a new method utilising a specially formulated polymer that is placed under the stylus. The VP Dust Buster is easy to use, safe and remarkably low priced.

The VP Dust Buster makes it painless to clean your stylus after every recording with absolutely no risk of damage And this will increase the life of a new stylus by up to 1000 hours and offer the ultimate protection to your vinyl recordings. The VP Dust Buster really is an excellent product and a must have for all vinyl fans - you will be surprised the amount of debris you stylus picks up from just one side !!!


'Sonically, the results are excellent, this was as good as a laborious full wet clean with isopropyl alcohol and a top quality stylus brush; records sounded clean and clear and smooth and open...an interesting and excellent tweak.''

Hi Fi World, December 2010

For other aspects of cleaning your stylus tip clean see - How to clean your stylus

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