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The puresound A8500 CD Player was developed as a high quality source to be used with the puresound range of amplifiers. It can also be used in a wide variety of other systems with great success.
The A8500 is built around the SONY 213Q high precision mechanism, renowned for both its stability and reliability. The Cirrus systems CS4398A 24 Bit 192KHz D/A converter handles the data stream, which, once converted, is filtered using OPA2604 Op amps.

The powerful output stage comprises a pair of 6N3 double triodes. Signal coupling here is via MIT capacitors while the output stage power supply utilises the German MCap capacitors. The incoming mains supply is filtered by a choke regulated circuit which in turn feeds 8 separate regulated supplies each of which uses Silmic and Rubycon capacitors. These deliver power independently to various parts of the circuitry.
The A8500 offers the facility to vary the sampling frequency between 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 KHz. Each setting gives a slightly different presentation. The higher sampling frequency offers a more spacious and refined sound whereas the 44.1 KHz setting gives slightly more impact and drive. The substantially constructed chassis includes a 10mm anodised aluminium front panel, high quality gold plated RCA sockets for Left, Right and digital outputs. An Optical output is also included. The remote control is a sleek, anodised design machined from solid aluminium.
Many CD Players using a valve output stage have an overly euphonic, almost ‘syrupy’ quality which compromises the reproduction of detail and drive. The A8500 has no such obvious characteristic. However, it does reproduce instrument timbre and dynamic range in a plausible way providing a lively and effortless presentation of music not dissimilar to that which can be heard at a live concert. The CD Player comes with a 3 year warranty. The warranty on the valves is 6 months.

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