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Puresound L5 Line Lever Pre-Amplifier

L10 Line Level Pre-amplifier - Puresound

Following the positive response to our flagship L300 pre-amplifier, puresound has developed the L10, a new, more affordable design which incorporates much of the thinking that makes the L300 so highly regarded.
The L10 has 4 inputs, a separate passive Record In Record Out loop and two pairs of single ended outputs. The circuit uses output transformers and a sophisticated full valve rectified, twin choke smoothed power supply. It also offers remote control of the volume via a separate handset.

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In the L10, source selection is via a high quality switch located near to the input sockets. The chosen source is routed to a high quality motorized, film potentiometer and from there on to the audio circuit. This consists of a single ended triode stage loaded by a custom wound wideband output transformer which steps down the amplified signal allowing it to be coupled to the power amplifier at a manageable level and as a low impedance source.
The output stage of the L10 is impervious to long interconnecting cables or lower impedance power amplifier input stages.
The L10 also incorporates an extremely sophisticated power supply to maintain constant operating conditions for the audio circuitry. It includes a valve rectifier, and a twin choke filtered LCLC stage which provides a stiff, voltage rail allowing the audio circuit to operate in a calm and orderly way regardless of the demands the music makes on the amplifying stage. Filament supplies are fully regulated to further reduce the potential for noise.

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