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  1. Upgrade-Platter-Mat
    Upgrade Platter Mat (1mm Thick)
    100 % of 100

    Probably the best low cost, high value upgrade you can make to your turntable regardless of its origin. It adds transparency, dynamics and bass depth. At only 1mm thick it’s easy to install without causing problems. The diameter is 296mm to fit inside the lip of decks such as the LP12 .

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  2. Sliding-VTA-Adjuste- tonearms-turntables-tonearm-options
    Sliding VTA Adjuster - adds 13mm to height of arm and thus will not fit most decks

    Adds 13mm to height of arm and thus will not fit most decks

    The "sliding VTA adjuster" is the best sounding adjuster but adds 13mm to the height of your arm postion due to its thickness. Using this adjuster you can further raise the arm by an additional 20mm.

    The sliding VTA adjuster gives infinite adjustment and improves the sound quality. It consists of a sleeve that you can adjust vertically using a grub screw to clamp it in position. The mechanism is similar to the Linn arm height adjustment. It is worth noting that the sleeve clamps the arm in position without damaging its threads. The flange holding the sleeve is fastened onto your armboard using 2 or 3 bolts or screws unequally spaced on a 55mm diameter circle. It needs a mounting hole somewhere between 28mm - 42mm in diameter and is then screwed or bolted to the armboard using 3 fastenings . The overall diameter of the VTA is 70mm.

    To work out if your deck will accept the adjuster, allow for the following - The height between the top of your armboard and the top of the platter must be greater than 44mm. If this is the case then the Origin Live VTA adjuster will fit your deck mounted on top of the armboard. The VTA adjuster actually improves performance significantly because it decouples the arm.

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  3. Soundsmith-Moving-Iron-Cartridge-Aladdin
    Origin Live Aladdin moving iron cartridge

    "there’s only one downside to this cartridge; the upgrade path gets very steep from here. You aren’t going to be satisfied with a good £600 moving coil after the Aladdin. In fact, I suspect there’s only going to be a handful of cartridges that improve on the Aladdin in every way, and most of them are moving iron designs. Don’t be surprised that if you like the Aladdin and want something better, you might be looking at spending many thousands"    Hi Fi + Magazine - Full Review

    "...the cartridge will partner will with bright systems and, at the price, it does represent great value for money and is certainly worth auditioning."  Hi-Fi Choice full review

    A simply stunning cartridge, providing extraordinary quality sound for your vinyl system. The Aladdin is a derivative of the Soundsmith Carmen model, but employs a sophisticated energy management system found in much higher cost Soundsmith cartridges.

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