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Sliding VTA Adjuster - adds 13mm to height of arm and thus will not fit most decks

Universal Threaded VTA Adjuster

The Threaded VTA Adjuste" will suit all decks. It is simply a thin threaded collar which threads onto the rega arm base. As the collar is rotated it raises and lowers the height of the arm.

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This adjuster works well on the Linn LP12. Fortunately Rega decks and many others have the required diameter already

The threaded VTA adjuster initially raises the height of the rega arm by 2mm due to the top flange thickness - it can then raise the arm further by approx 10mm depending on the thickness of your armboard.

This adjuster is included as standard with the Silver and above tonearms, so does not need to be purchased seperately.

This adjuster works well on the Linn LP12 as well as Rega decks.

Please Note: You need a mounting hole of 24mm diameter or over. If your armboard is less than 11mm thick please let us know as we will need to add a spacing washer to your order

For Accurate VTA Adjustment of Origin Live & Rega Arms

It is recommended to use an infinitely adjustable VTA adjuster with the Rega or OL1 tonearms - the advantages are:

  1. Quick adjustment for tuning by ear - it takes a long time to change spacing washers and you can forget the sound differences.
  2. Infinite adjustment - adjustment can be heard to the nearest mm because height accuracy is important.
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