Upgrade Platter Mat (1mm Thick)


Options for Technics 1200 / 1210 turntables if you already have one

Origin Live Replacement Damping Feet & Pads (Pack of 4)

An excellent upgrade for all audio equipment such as turntables, CD players & amps.

The feet are 30mm in diameter and 30mm in height with an additional 14mm long M6 thread - this can always be cut down if necessary so the the feet can be glued in place or the equipment just rested on the feet.

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Origin Live replacement feet & special pads are an excellent upgrade for audio equipment such as turntables, CD players, amplifiers providing their feet have M6 screw threads.

The damping feet & pads come as a pack of 4.



" After fitting these feet to a CD player that had originally ben fitted with plastic legs, there was a discernable improvement in overall clarity. When the pads were placed underneath the feet, there was a further benefit in terms of an enhanced clarity and crispness to performances. "

- HiFi World, June 2012 Full Review

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