Puresound A30-R

The puresound A30 integrated amplifier has been in continuous production for 13 years. 2019 sees its revision in the form of the new A30-R.

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The basic architecture of a 30 Watt amplifier based on push pull configured 6550 output pentodes biased into Class A remains unchanged. However, a single power transformer is replaced by 2 separate transformers; one for the valve rectified & choke smoothed HT supply, the other for the filaments. Overall this allows for cooler operation and a lower noise floor. The output transformer design has also been refined with improved lamination material & a different winding arrangement yielding wider bandwidth.

The A30-R features a motorised volume control and remote control of listening level with the option to mute via the handset. The amplifier now carries 4 pairs of line level inputs rather than 3. Switching between Ultra Linear & Triode operation is retained.

The output transformers feature 4 and 8 Ohm taps to allow optimal matching with most loudspeakers. The aesthetic appearance is enhanced with a more luxurious high gloss black finish & a re-styled fascia panel.

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