Client Feedback

Here are just a few of the numerous positive comments we receive – most are found in the product review pages.

"After many many years I can finally enjoy all kinds of music without any stress. Cheers"

"The biggest improvement I've made in 25 years of listening to music and lots of exchanges of hi-fi stuff!! ....breathtaking, big new level! It's like coming to Nirvana".
Ferdinand Roerig 07/12/12/

The silver mk3 arm that I bought around the same time is fantastic, I cant believe the extra detail,control and musicality I am hearing from my Gyrodec. Its miles better than the (arm X) that I used to use!
Thanks Mark Young – Cleveland UK 5/11/2012

"We have reached a quality level when it is sometimes difficult to exactly explain how you experience the music but maybe the most significant difference is how the sound in a very relaxed way have come so close to reality. I now hear things I never have heard before, i.e. sounds from the audience, sounds from the musicians. When you upgrade step by step you get used to the new sound and it can be difficult to say exactly what is better than before but the best way to describe it is that I hardly listen to CD’s anymore although we have a very good custom made Luxman CD-player."
Alan Ericsson

"The improvement of my turntable has been incredible! I have a rega p5 modified isokinetik, now it is a rega p5 abarth! I used (arm Y) before and think it is a good tonearm,but I never believed that my turntable could work so well!! doesn't sing, it rocks! thank you for giving me the bargain of the century! £690 for this tonearm are nothing!!"
Gianluca Pieri

"Just over a week ago I purchased a Silver tonearm to replace (arm X) fitted to my Garrard 401 deck. I am quite amazed at the improvement in the musicality and very, very impressed with the overall sound. There is so much more detail coming through, and I am hearing new strands in the music that I have never heard before, on each LP I play. It is a far more natural sound and even the bass is a lot better than I expected..... I really would not have believed that changing the tonearm would have improved the sound to such an extent. I am very, very happy with my new purchase!"
Best Regards, Mark Taylor 14/11/2012

All Comments are published with the kind permission of clients, and are a typical snapshot of email feedback received in a six week period.