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Encounter MKI Tonearm Reviewer Excerpts


Impressions from Paul Szabady of Stereo Times Magazine on the Encounter Tonearm

The Encounter tonearm arrived this AM. I've just finished mounting it on the OL Standard Kit table, replacing the Silver 250 that I had been using as a reference for reviewing purposes. Perhaps due to the longish delay in receiving it, the keen edge of anticipation had been somewhat dulled. The first record up was Vaughan Williams' Pastoral Symphony #3 w/Adrian Boult. To say that I was stunned by the increase in resolution, sound stage placement, tonality/timbre, dynamic/rhythmic flow and articulation of the performance's aesthetic aim over the Silver 250 would be a gross understatement: I was overwhelmed! Listening to the Pastoral was one of the most intense musical experiences I've ever had with an audio system. And this is with the Encounter set-up with only semi-Teutonic rigor and fresh out-of-the-box.

Looks like another winner product Mark! Congratulations, and thanks for helping me come closer to the grand illusion of actual music in my home.

Analogously yours,
Paul Szabady