Enterprise Tonearm Reviews

 "Overall, this is a superb pick up arm with a grippingly musical sound and lovely rhythmic ability. It has wonderful tonal shading (an SME SeriesV sounds monochrome, by comparison) and deep soundstaging with masses of detail .......overall it's an exceptional performer — one which offers a brilliant mix of tonality and rhythmic grip."

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Rating: 135 points  : Which makes it "The Best Turntable " Audio has ever reviewed in more than 35 years of their history - complete package of deck, Enterprise TR arm and Lyra Atlas (80,000 euros)

“Music like we’ve never heard coming from a turntable: incredibly dynamic, intimate and direct, yet with an ultimately fine resolution. One could fill pages with listening examples, but the superlatives would merely repeat: none of the records we were listening to had ever been heard like this before.

Audio (Germanys largest Audio magazine) 9/2015 review of Garrard 501 TR with Enterprise Tonearm
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I suppose, you could say you are just so bowled over by the music, that the rest is simply "in the noise level". But it's weird - THIS is the absolute sound, or what the records are opposed to be communicating, and suddenly, it's completely natural and easy to listen to."

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