Specifications (All arms)

Tonearm Specification Chart

Specifications Applicable to all Origin Live Arms. (Unless otherwise stated for 12" arms below)

Effective length 237 mm
Overhang 17.24 mm
Offset angle 22 degrees
Mounting distance: platter centre to arm hole centre 222 mm
Diameter of mounting hole 23 - 24 mm
Size of base mounting nut 32mm A/F (across flats)
Maximum armboard thickness 27mm
Length of external cable 1.2m except for DJ option of 2m
Capacitance and Resistance for all arms up to Conqueror 130 pF & 0.0017 ohm per channel
Capacitance and Resistance for Silver Hybrid and S version cable 65 pF & 0.05 ohms per channel &

Specifications for 12" Arms

Effective length 309 mm
Overhang 13.2 mm
Offset angle 17.6 degrees
Distance from Pivot to Spindle 295.6 mm

Variable Specifications

Specification OL1 OL1 Full mod Silver Onyx, Zephyr & Encounter Illustrious Conqueror Enterprise
Effective mass in grams 11g 12g 12g 12g, 12.4g, 12.5g 12.7g 14g 15.5g
Effective mass in grams (12" arm) - - 16.2g 16.2g 16.875g 18.9g 20.925g
Weight in grams 300g 350g 570g 570g, 760g, 654g 850g 950g 750g
Weight in grams (12" arm) - - 620g 620g 900g 1000g 800g
Packed weight in grams 750g 850g 850g 1650g, 1840g, 1734g 1850g 2050g 2050g
Stylus Force guage incl.        
Threaded VTA adjuster incl.       inbuilt inbuilt inbuilt inbuilt

Origin Live have a policy of continuous development and reserve the right to change product specifications and appearance without notice.

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