Specifications (All arms)

Tonearm Specification Chart

Specifications Applicable to all Origin Live Arms. (Unless otherwise stated for 12" arms below)

Effective length237 mm
Overhang17.24 mm
Offset angle22 degrees
Mounting distance: platter centre to arm hole centre222 mm
Diameter of mounting hole23 - 24 mm
Size of base mounting nut32mm A/F (across flats)
Maximum armboard thickness27mm
Length of external cable1.2m except for DJ option of 2m
Capacitance and Resistance for all arms up to Conqueror130 pF & 0.0017 ohm per channel
Capacitance and Resistance for Silver Hybrid and S version cable65 pF & 0.05 ohms per channel &

Specifications for 12" Arms

Effective length309 mm
Overhang13.2 mm
Offset angle17.6 degrees
Distance from Pivot to Spindle295.6 mm

Variable Specifications

SpecificationOL1OL1 Full modSilverOnyx, Zephyr & EncounterIllustriousConquerorEnterprise
Effective mass in grams11g12g12g12g, 12.4g, 12.5g12.7g14g15.5g
Effective mass in grams (12" arm)--16.2g16.2g16.875g18.9g20.925g
Weight in grams300g350g570g570g, 760g, 654g850g950g750g
Weight in grams (12" arm)--620g620g900g1000g800g
Packed weight in grams750g850g850g1650g, 1840g, 1734g1850g2050g2050g
Stylus Force guage incl.    
Threaded VTA adjuster incl.   inbuiltinbuiltinbuiltinbuilt

Origin Live have a policy of continuous development and reserve the right to change product specifications and appearance without notice.

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