Upgrade Transformer

Fully Balanced Upgrade Transformer for Origin Live decks and DC motor kits

Upgrade-transformerIf you want to significantly upgrade your deck with increased dynamics, better definition, clarity and sense of power then the purpose built upgrade transformer represents very high value.

With its advanced design and high power specification this transformer has a dramatic effect due to:

  • Low resistance for quicker response and ability to deliver high current instananeously for motor transient peaks.
  • Fully balanced design to vastly reduce noise levels which interfere with smooth running in any motor.
  • Advanced isolation from mains corruption.
  • Low noise.

The specially designed Upgrade Transformer is offered for all Origin Live turntables and also dc motor kits as a replacement for the standard wallwort. It's housed in an outboard enclosure. Installation could not be easier, all you do is plug it in.

How to Order

You can include the Upgrade transformer with your deck or DC Motor Kit order. Simply select the relevant radio button which you see in the online ordering process.

You can also order it as an "add on" to an existing Origin Live deck or dc motor kit. Go to the link "Upgrade transformer alone" or click the side bar menu for "Parts and spares" on turntable or dc motor kit pages on the site.