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Aurora MKII Turntable

Owner Comments

In the early 90's I embraced the "perfect digital sound" of cd's and basically left my records to prop up a wall in the basement. However, 5-7 CD-player upgrades later I have finally settled for an Audio Research CD3 which has that soft valve-like sound I miss from my old records...... And then it hit me: Why not revive your record collection? So a late night in the early fall I logged unto the web and browsed several turntable producer's web pages and where amazed at the wide variety of options still out there! I finally settled on an Origin Aurora with a silver tone arm and Sumiko Blue Point Special evo III cartridge…. And what can I say. It is like an old love affair. 2 weeks and 100's of records later I am still not quite sure what to tell you. The amazing roundness and natural sound to voices and especially acoustics is just…unbelievable. You can actually feel your shoulders drop about a foot and you can finally relax without worrying about edgy highs and clanky-sounding voices. Ok. It doesn't have the clear deep bass definition of the CD but I am prepared to swap that for the gorgeous sound of this turntable any day!!