12 inch arm mounting

12inch-armboard-turntables-tonearms12 Inch Arm Mounting

The 12 inch subchassis enables you to fit all Origin Live 12" inch arms. If you are considering this option, then it is easier and saves money, to order the 12"  subchassis with the deck and not at a later date.


  • If you are wondering about the advantages of 12 inch arms then please go to our web page - 12 inch arm option
  • The method commonly employed by other brands, for fitting 12 inch arms is to change the armboard. This is not possible on for Origin Live armboards because they are integrated into the structure of the sub-chassis.
  • Only 12 inch Origin Live tonearms will normaly fit this option - Other 12 inch arm brands can be quoted on a case by case basis, as price depends on popularity and "one off specials" are much more costly.

To include the 12 inch subchassis when you order your deck - select it in the options list that appears when you order your deck.

If you already have a standard Origin Live deck and wish to change to a 12 inch arm mount, the only solution is to swap over the entire sub-chassis assembly. This is only possible on MK3 decks and also involves more expense than including the 12 inch arm mount in the first place. To order a 12 inch subchassis in this instance please go to side menu item - "Parts and Maintenance if you already have a deck".  You will need to return your current sub-chassis for this option and we will send you a pdf on how to carry out this operation which is not complicated.