Which arms fit?

Which arms fit Origin Live decks?

All Origin Live tonearms fit our decks without need for adaptors or any other device.

All older Style Rega arms (RB250, RB300 - ones with threaded bases and a large clamping nut) fit our decks with the aid of our threaded VTA adjuster - see in vinyl accessories - adjuster, adaptors & Connectors or use link threaded vta adjuster

Rega arms with the later 3 point mounting ( RB251, RB301 etc) can be fitted to the Aurora and Calypso with no requirement for additional items.

SME and Linn mount arms can be fitted to the Aurora MK3 and Calypso MK3 at special request as a different sub-chassis is required by special order and will be an additional £280

Other arms cannot easily be accomadated at this stage without a one off sub-chassis being made