Ariston Belt upgrade that improves massively on official belt

If you own an Ariston turntable, then the Ariston Belt upgrade by Origin Live offers a convincing opportunity to improve it's performance. The Upgrade Belt is uniquely fabricated from a highly superior rubber rather than the ground neoprene of the official Ariston Belt. This is one of those seemingly insignificant components, that can yield a surprising upgrade.

The idea that the Ariston Belt does no more than enable the platter to rotate at a constant speed seems simple. However, lurking beneath the seeming simplicity, there are critical and complex demands. Belt material matters because:

  • It must turn the platter at a constant speed without instantaneous stretching under the varying drag loads of the cartridge when it hits loud and complex passages of music. This affects dynamics to a noticeable extent
  • At the same time it needs to smooth high frequency speed fluctuations from the motor
  • It must damp vibration fed into the belt by the motor
  • It needs to both grip and decouple the motor pulley

You might be tempted to think that a heavyweight platter would make belt material irrelevant. However, simple listening tests show this is far from the case. The resolving power of turntables is utterly astounding not to mention the fact that any vibration is magnified by an inconceivable 8000X through signal amplification. Getting belt design right is unexpectedly rewarding and the resulting sound quality represents a considerable improvement which has astounded listeners. Every aspect of the music benefits, especially bass and dynamics.

"That innocuous looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise...The Upgrade one of the most cost effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12).....I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek.

"This is an extraordinary product. I expected an audible but marginal change. Nothing prepared me for it's effect. It needed about an hour to get properly 'run in' - during which there was a transformation in the sound coming out of my speakers: 3D and in the room. Everything claimed in the recent email announcing this product was evident and the comments of the reviewers reflect exactly what I heard. I am quite astounded at the difference this product has made - and all for thirty quid. Don't think about it - just give yourself at treat."
IAIN from customer reviews.

It's easy to be skeptical that a seemingly insignificant item like a better belt will dramatically improve the performance of the Ariston. In fact most people who have tried the Origin Live upgrade belt started out not expecting much difference, only to be shocked by the improvement.

The turntable drive belt controls the level of vibration transmitted from your deck's motor, to the platter, then to the record, and finally to your stylus. This chain directly influences your deck's performance. Upgrading your Ariston belt, to one of a superior rubber with textured surface finish has proved to deliver results well beyond expectations. The dramatic improvements in performance over any official turntable drive belt has staggered users.

As an innovative manufacturer, it did not take long to realize that different belts had an inordinate influence on sound quality. We therefore invested considerable time auditioning countless belt materials, shapes, thicknesses and configurations.

Exploration included:

  • Round belts in various materials
  • Flat belts in various materials
  • Cotton thread
  • Nylon thread
  • Video & audio tape
  • Multiple numbers of belts ranging from 1 to 3

This work culminated in the discovery of a material not used in conventional belts. The results speak for themselves with any deck that uses a flat belt. The new belt, named the "Upgrade Belt" can also be used with any Origin Live DC Motor Kit if you happen to have one fitted to your deck.

The Ariston Belt upgrade comes with a cast iron guarantee - if you are not delighted, we will refund your money.

"I purchased this belt and TT oil for my heavily modified Ariston Rd11 Superieur, Not only did the sound quality through the full range greatly improve, but there was also a dramatic reduction in surface noise! Best upgrade ever. All for £40."
DAVE HALL from customer reviews

“Cleans up bass remarkably and general improvement overall but removes static completely which was a real nuisance in the present hot dry weather. Amazing for a little belt and very good value for money”
published with kind permission of Philip.

Outstanding Value for Money

Because the Ariston belt upgrade cannot be manufactured by machine, each belt is precisely cut to width and length using manual processes. The ends are then joined and ground smooth in a time consuming and skilled process. Finally it is checked for smooth running. This belt is not cheap to manufacture. In spite of this, the price is only slightly higher than a normal precision ground belt. For the performance offered, it's easily worth over 4 times this amount.

Risk Free Guarantee

In case you are skeptical, we remove any risk on your part by offering the Ariston belt with a full money back refund if you are anything but delighted.

You can order your Ariston Belt upgrade online now.