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12" Tonearm mounting exchange for standard sub-chassis (Aurora and Calypso)

Origin Live 12" Subchassis exchange for standard sub-chassis.

(Tonearm shown for illustration only)

If you wish to have the 12 inch sub-chassis armboard option then please return your old subchassis WITH bearing attached to us to exchange the sub-chassis to dual armboard type.

We are sorry but cannot simply send out a new subchassis as alignment, fit up and levels are critical and something only we can carry out.

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The 12 inch subchassis is designed to enable the fitting of all Origin Live 12 inch arms. If you are considering this option, then it is easier and saves money  to order the 12 inch subchassis with the deck and not at a later date. To include the 12 inch subchassis when you order your deck select this option when it is presented as you order your deck.

If you already have a standard Origin Live deck for 9.5 inch arms and wish to change to a 12 inch arm, the only solution is to swap over the entire sub-chassis assembly. This option is only possible on MK3 decks and also involves considerably more expense than ordering the deck with a 12 inch arm in the first place. To order a 12 inch subchassis if you already have a turntable please go to menu item - Turntable parts and spares.  You will need to return your current sub-chassis for this option and we will send you a pdf on how to carry out this operation which is not complicated..


If you are wondering about the advantages of 12 inch arms then please go to our web page - 12 inch arm option

The method commonly employed by other brands, for fitting 12 inch arms is to change the armboard. This is not possible on  for  Origin Live armboards because they arei ntegrated into the structure of the sub-chassis.

Only 12 inch Origin Live tonearms will normaly fit this option - Other 12 inch arm brands can be quoted on a case by case basis, as price depends on popularity and "one off specials" are much more costly.

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