7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack - Q Acoustic

7000i 2.1 Cinema Pack - Q Acoustic

We demanded unrivalled sonic performance and breathtaking value for money. In the award winning 7000i Cinema Pack, our designers have surpassed themselves.
Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass make it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiasts and discerning music lovers.
Warranty: 2 Years
Cinema Pack Contents
1 x Pairs 7000iLR Speakers
1 x 7000iS Subwoofer

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Don't be misled by beauty.
The new 7000i series speakers may look simply like very elegant and slender
'satellite' speakers. But in reality they are full range, true hi-fi speakers which
deliver a wonderful, musical soundstage even without a subwoofer. This makes them
an ideal choice when there is a requirement for a small discreet speaker and where
a subwoofer cannot be accommodated. However, combine them with the matching 7070Si
subwoofer and they will astonish you. Configured as a 2.1 stereo speaker system,
their smooth, open, dynamic, ultra-low distortion sound quality comfortably
outperforms many large (and far more expensive) floorstanding loudspeakers.

It's no wonder the new 7000i has won a coveted 2013 'What Hi-Fi' award.

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