Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO X

This vinyl cleaning machine uses ultrasonic technology making it the most efficient and most effective LP cleaner on the market. The Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner was the original brand to introduce this technology 12 years ago. It is still the most efficient and easiest to use LP cleaner on the market.

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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO X

High quality, reliable German engineering that is exceptionally simple in operation, Completely automatic and both sides are cleaned simultaneously. After a 5-6 minute cycle you have an ultra clean, dry LP.

An ultrasonic generator is used to excite the cleaning liquid bath that loosens dirt in the grooves. In addition, microscopic bubbles are created where a dirt particles sits at the groove surface that assist further in dislodging solid particles.

The designer, Reiner Glass, has experimented over the years with various levels of ultrasound and has found that a
low energy generator is more efficient, and potentially less damaging to delicate vinyl surfaces than a high energy ultrasonic generator. The standard cleaning cycle is approximately 90 seconds and this can be extended incrementally by 60 seconds, up to 5 times, for very dirty LPs.

This contactless method of cleaning removes more dirt than conventional suction methods which most other LP cleaners are based on. The biggest test of efficiency is that this PRO ultrasonic cleaner produces significantly audible improvements in sound quality by cleaning LPs previously cleaned with any other vinyl cleaner.

Ultra clean LPs have a bigger sound stage, more dynamics, a more correct tonal balance, and reveal more detail. It is much more than just removing noise, the sound is audibly better. Ultra-clean surfaces also result in less stylus wear.

Superb results with both older, cherished LPs and with brand new pressings.

There has been a modification to the top plate of the latest generation of the PRO cleaner to accept the NEW 7" single adaptor kit. All units supplied from January 2018 accept this adaptor.

The new PRO X Vinyl Cleaner continues with the improved mechanical designs, including a better drive motor, pump with ceramic bearings and an additional drying process option. This designation is to celebrate Audiodesksysteme's 10th anniversary and is identical to the PRO 19 model supplied in 2019. Both the cleaning cycle and the drying cycle can now be extended. The cleaning action using ultrasonic energy remains the same as with the previous version although it is slightly more efficient and quieter in operation.

4 colour options are available: grey, black, white and red: please see gallery for images. The black is more of a dark grey than a solid black - an anthracite or graphite colour. Grey is a solid, mid grey colour; the white is also solid and looks elegant in the right setting. Red is also a solid colour.

PRO Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner: includes 2 cleaning fluid concentrates, 1 bath filter and 1 set of 4 Microfibre barrels.

Dimensions: 33cm (w) x 27 (d) x 27cm (h)
Weight 5.5kg
No water is included with this cleaner.

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