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Silver Hybrid 2-S External Tonearm Cable 5 Din Pin

Silver Hybrid 2-S External Tonearm Cable 5 Din Pin

Cartridge Upgrade Using 5 Washers

87% of 100

This set of five plastic washers can significantly improve your cartridge performance.

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These washers are easily fitted - You simply place 3 of them between the headshell and cartridge with the remaining 2 fitted directly under the cartridge mounting bolt heads.

People have experimented with many different materials to de-couple the cartridge from the headshell. These trials have seldom met with any success but this is a rare exception to the rule. In fact, the rule here is that the washers work every time regardless of the tonearm or cartridge that they are used with. So much so that we underwrite them with a solid money back gaurantee if you are anything but delighted with the performance improvement they add to your system.

It is fair to say that introducing these washers adds at least £100 worth of improvement to a £300 cartridge and this value increases on more expensive cartridges. In other words, adding the washers enables a £300 cartridge to behave at the same level as a £400 one.

Not every material gives great results so it is worth saving yourself time and get it right by simply ordering them directly here.

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