External Tonearm Upgrade Cable with Straight 5 Din Pin 1m

Silver Hybrid S (Super) External Tonearm Cable

Silver Hybrid S (Super) External Tonearm Cable

External Tonearm Cable Upgrade with 5 Din Pin Female Plug

Note photo ahould show 5 Din Pin plug

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This is an outstanding upgrade for any tonearm that has a 5 Din Pin connector in its base. For example it is commonly used to upgrade the external cable on SMEV arms and similar.

The cable is 1.2m long and terminated with a high grade gold plated Cardas 5 Din Pin female Plug for the arm base.

RCA phono plugs are well designed with phosper bronze and have higher than normal conductivity.

Note for Origin Live Arms

This cable is included as standard on Silver to Illustrious arms so only represents an upgrade for Alliance and Onyx arms.

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