Origin Live Replacement Damping Feet & Pads (Pack of 4)

Isolating Disc Pads (4)

Made from the same material as our award-winning platter mat, these pads bring a useful sonic improvement to vibration-sensitive equipment.

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Place these pads under the feet of your equipment and listen to the upgrade. Origin Live isolating disc pads are made from the same material as our award winning platter mat. This is one of those wonder materials that seems to work well wherever it is placed and what better place to position it than under your sensitive equipment feet.

The ills caused by vibration to ALL Hi Fi equipment are well documented - capacitors in particular are very affected as vibration causes sufficient internal movement of the foils which results in audible degradation. CD players suffer increased jitter and jitter correction is nasty for sound quality. Record decks are incredibly sensitive to vibration and the list goes on for any thing electronic.

The Origin Live Isolating Disc Pads make a clearly sudible improvement in any decent mid budget system and for £12 per set of 4 represent an inexpensive upgrade to your Hi Fi.


25mm Diameter
1mm Thick

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