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Origin Live Linear Flow 2 Speaker Cable

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"it is an extremely ‘right’ sounding at a price that doesn’t leave people gasping for air. Very strongly recommended as a loudspeaker wire, and highly recommended as an interconnect cable" HI FI+ MAGAZINE      full review

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Origin Live linear flow 2 loudspeaker cables are capable of making a staggering difference to your system due to their groundbreaking design - a design built on the same technology as our highly successful interconnect cables.

Each single length of cable is £39 per meter, plus £39 for termination of both ends. Unlike interconnects, Loudspeaker cable is ordered by individual length not per pair. When ordering, please select the left hand side cable first and then the right hand cable separately as indicated below.

Ideally it's best not to use banana plugs or spades - instead simply put the ends of the cable directly into the binding posts. 
For lengths over 6m, please contact us at:

Origin Live Linear Flow 2 cables use Litz wire, where every strand in the cable is individually insulated from every other strand. Each strand is of high purity copper - chosen over silver or silver plate due to it's natural sound presentation, avoiding the harshness often associated with silver.

The advantage of Litz is it's crystal clear liquidity and the unrivalled ability to separate complex music to convey even the finest nuances. It also gives the ability to eliminate "ringing effects" present in normal stranded cables. This host of virtues can be attributed to the fact that a Litz cable eliminates the tendency for the electrical signal to jump from one strand to another as it passes along a conventional wire. If a signal has to effectively cross hundreds of touching joints (between the strands which are invariably slightly twisted) then it will lose clarity to an alarming degree.

Original design

The factors that make linear flow cable so entirely original are based on years of ground breaking research. Results speak for themselves with a performance that is exemplary no matter what your system This in itself is unusual as many high end cables are highly system dependent and do not always perform well as a consequence. Over the years many theories have been put forward as to why different cables produce such audible differences to the sound of a system. This is a highly complex area and we have found over 15 infinitely variable key parameters that all contribute to cable performance - these vary from resistance, inductance & capacitance values, to skin effect, RF pick up, dielectric effects, strand vibration and numerous other factors. Optimising all these different parameters is a complex task but Origin Live has conducted exhaustive tests in many different systems to gain a clear understanding of what makes a cable excel in it’s function of conducting audio signals without degradation.

High value upgrade

Why is loudspeaker cable important? One answer, is to highlight that the best amplifier designers go to great lengths to minimise signal path lengths on their circuit boards - this usually comes at a price. Now consider that your loudspeaker cable is more than likely to have a much longer signal path than your amplifier and it is easy to understand the importance of speaker cable for high performance. For this reason it makes sense to invest in high quality cables. linear flow cable comes at an affordable level in relation to the performance increase that it brings. The outcome of intensive groundbreaking research is now offered to those who desire to get the most from their music.



  • Low resistance: 55 mΩ/m
  • Capacitance: 0.5nF/m
  • Inductance: 1.52 μH/m

Please Note: Due to the nature of the Litz core in which every strand is insulated, this cable must be both cut and terminated by Origin Live with high temperature soldering equipment.

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