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LP12 Armboard pre-drilled for all Origin Live & Rega arms

Armboard to fit Origin Live & Rega Arms to the Linn LP12
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Armboards & Mounting Position

It is certainly possible to fit the Origin Live and Rega tone arm to any deck but sometimes you may either have to modify your existing armboard or acquire a new one. The tone arms require a singe hole in the armboard or plinth - 24mm or 25mm in diameter to fit into. Once the arm is inserted through this hole it is then secured by a large nut which clamps it onto the underside of the board.

The distance from centre of arm hole to centre of platter spindle needs to be 223mm plus or minus 3mm. The arms can rotate to be fixed at any angle . The length of the arm from its mounting hole center to the cartridge end of the arm is 240mm. The arm overhang from pivot point to the rear is 50mm to the end of the counterweight stub.

For 12 inch arms only - Centre of 24mm diameter hole for arm mount to centre of platter spindle is 295.6mm plus or minus 1mm. The length of the arm from its mounting hole center to the cartridge end of the arm is 309mm. The overhang from pivot point at rear end is 50mm to the end of the counterweight stub.

3 point fixing of newer Rega and OL arms below Encounter level - In addition to the 24mm hole, the 3 point mounted arms need 3 small holes for M3 bolts, to fasten the arm to the board. These holes are also pre-drilled - if they are not needed, then for cosmetic purposes you can fit a black button head bolt in them.

Fitting to the Linn LP12

If you have a Linn LP12 turntable with a Linn arm then the arm hole on your current armboard will be in the wrong position (Linn arms mount at a distance of 211mm from the platter spindle) . We can supply you with a Pre-drilled armboard for the Origin Live and Rega arms at £45 - this board is identical to the Linn armboard but is missing the Linn Logo. Alternatively you can get a blank arm-board from Linn and get it drilled. This is simple to fit and instructions are provided.

After fitting a new arm you can find printable instructions for setting up your Linn at Linn Sondek LP12 turntable instructions

Modifying your current arm board

If you modify your current armboard you will need to cut out the board to locate the arm at the dimensions given above. This will leave you with a hole to the side of the arm. However this can be hidden if you make up a large circular plate washer of black card, aluminium or other material and glue this to the armboard - the spacing washers we supply with a new arm have an outside diameter of 48mm and will normaly fulfill this function for most situations (the thickness of the washer is 1.5mm). The advantage of glueing the washer to the armboard is that it also locates the arm in the correct position.

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