Origin Live Soli-Core Basic Speaker Cable

Origin Live Soli-Core Basic Speaker Cable

Origin Live Advanced Soli-Core Speaker Cable

Soli-Core Loudspeaker cable is capable of making an extraordinary difference to your system as the reviews and owner comments indicate. The breathtaking performance of Soli-Core is a no brainer for valve systems which are known to excel with well designed solid core cable. It also works particularly well in systems that need an increase in tight bass.

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Origin Live Advanced Soli-Core Speaker Cable
Origin Live Advanced Soli-Core Speaker Cable

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Single Cable, Not Pair

"I must admit that I was rather skeptical over the claims made for the cable but when I fixed it Into my system I was amazed at the improvement It made. The LC-OFC is now redundant."
C.J, London
"the cable I received from you is everything your literature claims and more."
JH, Liverpool
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Sonic gains are made in all areas from bass extension to crystal clarity and presence in vocals and treble instruments. The overall sound takes on a greater integrity and coherence. Vocals remain controlled with reduced 'graininess'. The effect is highly dynamic, clean and crisp without being hard and edgy.

In comparison, other cables can lack life and sound flat. Users also find one of the most enjoyable aspects is the very realistic and accurate "soundstage effect" brought about by the well known imaging and separation characteristics of solid core. These are just some of the improvements to be noticed. Many impressed users have declared that Soli-core is the most superior cable on the market by a considerable margin. Why not try it for yourself and enjoy what will probably deliver the most superb music you've ever heard from your system.

Features and benefits include:

  • Superb bass performance: Large diameter Solid Core wire that delivers powerful, deep bass and also great performance throughout the mid and treble.

  • Unique design: Normaly large diameter solid core wires have the unfortunate side effect of lacking treble performance - Soli Core is revolutionary in its design by using unconnected thin wires outside the conductors in a special configuration. Intuitively this is all wrong but it actually works brilliantly.

    Transparency: Solid core wire is similar to Litz cable in its amazing clarity. This is due to the fact that the audio signal is not continuously jumping between strands. This effect is far more serious than most people imagine and leads to a cloudy, muddy sound in the music. It's a bit like having a thousand joints in the cable and the results are unmistakable.

  • Outstanding value for money: Because Soli-Core is based on unique and revolutionary developments, it outperforms many of the specially developed stranded cables which use expensive manufacturing techniques. The performance is outstanding and yet the cost is within easy reach of anyone who desires a significant upgrade.

  • Directionality set in the wire and labeled.
  • Low resistance and low inductance due to winding configuration.
  • Soli-core S has an aluminium sheath to protect it from RF interference.
  • Many other hidden factors.


Grades of Soli-Core:

  • Basic - 2 core model
  • Advanced - 2 core model - improved insulation and resulting sound quality
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