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Sugden Masterclass SPA-4 power amplifier

Sugden Masterclass SPA-4

The Sugden Audio SPA-4 stereo power amplifier has been developed to present a holographic three dimensional soundstage where the listener can almost walk in and touch the musicians. As with all Sugden Audio products, tremendous headroom is available in which to develop a wonderfully dynamic portrayal of music in all of its moods - ‘simply more music’

The Sugden Audio SPA-4  stereo power amp has facilities for asymmetric (phono/RCA) or balanced inputs, the latter utilising a virtual transformer (discreet) balanced input circuit. The power amplifiers are symmetrical, current feedback, dc-coupled, gain stages with servo controlled dc off-set and multi emitter output devices.

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The amplifier is also available as a pair of mono amplifiers, the Sugden Audio MPA-4. In the balanced mono amps the two power output stages of the stereo power amp are connected in balanced mode giving a mono amplifier. The mono amplifiers give single channel power twice that of the stereo amps. Among some of the gains of the balanced configuration is a much lower noise floor, even greater dynamics and a rock solid musical sound stage.

Like all Sugden products, Sugden Masterclass SPA-4 power-amplifier is hand built by Sugden Audio  in their factory in Heckmondwike in Yorkshire. This is as British as hifi gets, and we here at Fanthorpes are proud to support Patrick and his team..

Sugden Masterclass SPA-4 amplifier Specification:

  • Inputs: Stereo line level, stereo balanced 
  • Outputs: Stereo pair multi way locking binding posts
  • Input Sensitivity: 1Volt for full output
  • Power Output: 75 Watts into 4 ohms both channels working
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-30kHz +/-0dB
  • Bandwidth: 2Hz-200kHz +/-3dB
  • Signal to Noise: >85dB
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • HxWxD: 250x430x360mm
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