Conqueror Reviews

 "Having definitively surpassed what many consider to be the best tonearm in the world, I expect the Conqueror to be in permanent residence in my reference system." 

-10 Audio Review  Read Full Review


"Arguably the very best tonearm yet made - a startlingly capable all rounder with none of the vices of quirks of rival super-arms."

-Hi Fi World  Read Full Review


"The Origin Live Conqueror arm is another masterpiece from the fertile mind of Mark Baker. It merits the highest of recommendations and is the obvious choice for Most Wanted Component of the Year. Simply, the Conqueror is in a class by itself."

-Stereo Times  Read Full Review


"It achieves a consistent and outstanding performance far in advance of anything possible with the Well Tempered Arm. I have bought the arm sent for review and am now in a seventh heaven of completely rediscovering my substantial, well looked after music collection." 

-Chris Breunig  Read Full Review


"It builds on a very accomplished design and takes it - probably - about as far is it can go. The result is a wonderfully easy, open and even sound that has the uncanny ability to pull you into the music, rather than tell yuou how good or bad it is in microscopic detail. It's certainly a significant advance on the previous incarnations of this, which themselves were lovely devices to listen with. As such, it comes strongly recommended for those wanting the ultimate 'real world' tonearm; it's expensive but justifiably so."

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"It is hard to believe it could get significantly better than this. If it does I'll be in" Nirvana". and no one need bother contacting me!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Dr J White, Owners Comments  Read Full Review (and rest of owners comments)