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Sovereign Turntable Reviews


"We can't recommend this Origin Live deck enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with its authority, yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears. We desperate vinyl junkies will always insist the black stuff sounds better than CD, and this turntable will prove that to anyone who listens to it. Start saving!"

-What Hi Fi  Read Full Review


"The Sovereign sits at the pinnacle of current turntable production unless you pay crazy money. As for the arm, all I can say is 'superb and well done'." 

-Fedelta del Suono  Read Full Review

"I would recommend this turntable and arm without reservation to other music lovers looking for a turntable or arm upgrade. This will be my final turntable but one that I know I will be very happy with."

-John Kopec, Owner  Read Full Review


“If you own a Sovereign, the question of whether you should or should not take advantage of this two-part upgrade is almost laughable. In fact, if you asked me that question I would actually laugh out loud. Of course! Goodness gracious, yes. All new Sovereign turntables automatically feature this upgrade and with it, the Sovereign is surely one of the best turntables currently available on the market. An incredible feat of engineering and a sense of pure joy for the ear. If I had a cap I would doff it towards Origin Live. In fact, I’m tempted to buy a cap so that I can do exactly that.”

The Audiophile man on Sovereign 3.2 - Read Full Review