OL Cartridge Enabler

The Cartridge Enabler consists of a thin layer of specially treated material which you can fit between your cartridge body and tonearm headshell. This simple device is one of the most cost effective upgrades you will probably ever come across.

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"The OL Cartridge Enabler" -  decoupler and azimuth adjustment for all cartridges.

How does it sound?

When you fit the Cartridge Enabler you will immediately notice the effect on sound quality. Improved bass fullness with added textures. Voices especially are endued with a tangible quality which sounds natural and realistic.

One impression of the Cartridge Enabler is that it’s like improving the suspension of a car travelling down a road full of pot holes. There is a sense of increased ease and naturalness to the music. Not so much smooth as a removal of jagged edges which jar and detract from the performance. We could go a lot further and list many other benefits but we’ll leave others to give a fuller picture. There is no downside.

Cartridge isolation works

The idea of decoupling the cartridge from the tonearm is not entirely new. The Cartridge Man isolator does this successfully for many arms. Another alternative promoted by Dynavector importer Pear Audio suggested 3 plastic washers placed between a cartridge body and headshell - this also worked effectively.

The key advantages of the Cartridge floater are:

It sounds brilliant

It’s easy to fit

Low cost at £19 (performance improvement can be valued at over 10 times this figure)

It works with all cartridges (from £35 budget up to £8000 high end cartridges)Provides the ability to slightly adjust azimuth on tonearms which have no such adjustment.

Fitting the cartridge Enabler

The floater has precision cut holes and profile which allow you to fit it between cartridge and headship without any fuss or additional tools. It adds 1mm to the height of the cartridge so your arm will need to be adjusted 1mm higher at the rear end.

Adjusting Azimuth

We provide a 0.9mm diameter rod to ensure you can always set up your cartridge exactly parallel to the underside of your tonearm headshell. If have a test record or system which allows you to set azimuth precisely then it’s possible to simply tighten one of your cartridge bolts to compress the cartridge floater slightly on one side and thus alter azimuth.

Money Back Guarantee if not delighted

Please note this item does not come with technical support as this would increase costs significantly so please do not send emails asking if it suits your deck, cartridge, tonearm etc. We claim it works with any cartridge using attachment bolts. Instead we offer a full 3 week money back guarantee so you can try it for yourself. If for any reason you are not delighted with the results you can return it for a full refund.

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