Lyra Stylus Performance Treatment

Green Stuff paper

"Green Stuff" abrasive paper for cleaning your stylus. Highly effective in removing embedded debris when other methods fail.

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"Green Stuff" paper is a very fine, long lasting abrasive paper that can be gently drawn under the stylus to remove embedded dirt. Your diamond stylus is so hard that it is not affected by this and the technique is amazingly effective at removing debris. “Green stuff” used to be readily available in audio shops free of charge ( a tiny fraction of the size offered here) but is now hard to find. The only word of caution is that if your cartridge has a microline tip (usually only found in high end cartridges)  then it’s probably best not to use it - these are so fragile they might break.

The sheet offered will last you a lifetime as it measures 100 x 90mm (4 x 3.5 inches). Just cut off strips measuring approx 50mm x 10mm (2 x 0.5 inches) to pull under your stylus needle every week or so and each strip will last maybe 2 years.

£8.70 can seem a lot untill you consider the overheads of sending out a specialist item in low numbers from an engineering company employing highly skilled, knowledgable staff, high overheads, advertising, order processing, packing etc.

For other aspects of cleaning your stylus tip clean see - How to clean your stylus

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