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DC Motor Kit

DC Motor kit

For full description on what makes this dc motor kit so effective please see "Motor Kit Overview"

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Complete DC turntable Motor and power supply kits

The Motor kit upgrade comes complete with everything you need which includes Motor, mounting plate, pulley, Electronic switch box, all leads and connectors, Wall wart plug, strobe card for easy, accurate speed setting and instructions. No soldering is required - Details of these items are found in  "Motor Kit Overview".

When you order the motor kit we ensure that you are given the correct transformer for the mains electrical supply of your country unless you specify otherwise in an email to us.

We often get asked whether the kit is easy to fit to a specific deck. Please bear in mind there are well over 1000 turntable models and we do not have a detailed knowledge of them all. There are specific examples of motor fitting in the list of decks fitted with the kit. If your deck is not listed, please assume we have no knowledge of its details so asking us will not help.

General guidance notes on fitting dc motor kits are provided on the web site. Rest assured, the motor fits 99% of all decks which is why we offer a money back gaurantee, thus allowing you to fit the motor in the safe knowledge that you can return it within 3 weeks or so for a full refund if it proves non viable.

For full quote, including export price (if applicable) and carriage, please go through the online ordering process. This will deduct vat if applicable and quote carriage once you have entered your address details.





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