Turntable Motor & Power Supply Upgrade

To find out if this kit is suitable for your turntable please read “Important Considerations” at end of page.
Please note, only the Ultra control box is in black. Both the Standard and Advanced are in silver.

The Motor Kit upgrade is applicable if:

  • You have a noisy or broken turntable motor
  • Your motor has a faulty power supply
  • You want to upgrade the performance of your turntable

Included in all DC Motor Kits:

Turntable Motor kit switch box

Speed Control Box

turntable motor power supply

Power Supply

Turntable motor dc

DC Motor & Pulley

turntable motor replacement parts

Mounting Plate & Lead

 * A strobe card is also included for easy and accurate speed setting.

 *  The speed setting for 33 and 45rpm is adaptable for all turntables because the control box has infinitely adjustable speed setting capability.

The Most Important Part of Your Deck

The fundamental task of your record player is to keep your platter spinning at an even speed. To achieve the best possible sound, you need the best possible motor. Our low vibration, Ironless cores outperform outdated motors in older decks.

Electronic Expertise

Mechanically, our kits are superb, and easy to operate. The front switch which has 3 positions: Off / 33rpm / 45rpm. You can precisely set the speed for your particular turntable using infinitely adjustable speed trimmers in the rear panel. What separates the Origin Live Motor Kit from others is a focus on electronics. Years of research have been made in order to offer a Motor Kit manufactured with the expertise which turntables deserve.

More performance than price

Good DC motor kits always outperform AC kits, ours outperform kits that are five times the price. Owners of every kind of different deck have reported outstanding results, and you are welcome to test the kit for yourself.


The kit is adaptable, our three different types of power supplies will cater for US, Far East, Europe or UK, we will make sure you get the right kit for your country.


“nothing can prepare you for the total shock of going DC, in a word gobsmacking… There are details in recordings that I never imagined being present, there is tuneful subsonic bass, and heights that were previously unscaled, the whole music experience has taken on a new meaning, my humble Systemdek record player competes and in many cases far outperforms some of the dearest and best engineered record decks ever conceived.” Read More >                                           Common Ground Magazine

“this is an effective and substantial upgrade that rejuvenates a classic and well respected turntable (Linn LP12) –  comes highly recommended” Read More >
Hi-Fi World

“Seriously, this is one of the best upgrades I have ever heard” Read More >
Michael Knight

“I’ve been listening to the DC motor kit for about two weeks. Wow! The degree of improvement on the Valhalla’d table is nothing short of astounding. The Linn bearing and sub chassis design, as well as the arm and cartridge, are performing at their full potential now. Gone is the ‘dry’ character, and the naturalness, detail and dynamics just pour forth. ” Read More >
J. Schaefer, USA

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Important considerations

Is the kit suitable for my turntable?

This is the first question people often email us with. Before you do the same, please visit the link below which has our full answer this question.
Is the kit suitable for my turntable

Is it worth replacing the motor drive or purchasing a new turntable?

The answer to this question depends on the value and performance of your deck. Many many modern decks are no better than older designs and a modern budget deck will not outperform a reputable elderly mid-market deck. Having said this there are a very small handfull of turntables (our own included) which will far surpass older designs. These generaly start at the £1300 price point.

Can I not just replace the motor or power supply alone?

At first this may seem the most cost effective and simple way to get your deck working again. However there are a number of unseen pitfalls with this approach and these are expalined on the link – Replacing a noisy / faulty turntable motor or power supply

Should I get the Motor or Power Supply repaired by the manufacturer?

If you have a midmarket deck or above, it’s highly likely that a repair to your drive system will cost more than our motor kit. Not only this but the opportunity to vastly improve the performance of your deck will be lost. This is explained fully if you visit the link Replacing a noisy / faulty turntable motor or power supply

How do I get a quote?

The kit is offered in various grades of performance to suit all budgets. These are outlined above and once you know what you wish to order please go to the ordering page (link below). Once you have entered your address details, this will give you a full quote, including carriage and export price (if applicable). You are not committed to an order till you press the “submit order” button but the system must know what country you live in to process carriage cost.

Motor and Power Supply kits starting from: £290

Standard Speed Control Box

Advanced Speed Control Box

Ultra Speed Control Box


  • Option 1 Standard Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Wallwart mains voltage reducer £290
  • Option 2 Most popular version as it improves massively on Option 1 in terms of speed consistency and performance for relatively little extra cost: Advanced Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Wallwart mains voltage reducer £380
  • Option 3 Increased definition, transparency, lower noise and overall coherence due to an improved power supply: Advanced Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Upgrade Power Supply £530
  • Option 4 Better definition, dynamics, transparency, lower noise and overall coherence due to large and improved transformer: Advanced Speed Control Box | DC100 Motor | Large Upgrade Transformer (Low Noise) £790
  • Option 5 Increased transparency and dynamics gained through refined circuit design: Ultra Speed Controller Box | DC100 Motor | Large Upgrade transformer (Low Noise) £1050Note that it’s possible to upgrade each of the items individualy at a later date – See Products > Spares & Upgrades > DC motor kits. Be aware that you can only use these items in the context of the Origin Live Motor kit as they are incompatible individually with other brand motor drive systems.

This is an upgrade for all decks, however you fit the kit yourself.

Find advice here on fitting for all decks upgraded so far : Link to fitting advice