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Tonearm Range

Enterprise Tonearm

For many years Origin Live Tonearms have earned the highest praise from satisfied owners, and are acclaimed by editors and reviewers as the best they have ever heard.

Tonearms Overview

People often ask if there is really much difference between the arms in our range? the answer is yes, there are significant improvements in performance between each arm in the range. This is because we use more advanced components and costly materials in our best tonearms. The question is, how much do you wish to invest in your sound quality?

Both our budget and high end arms have received coveted awards so you can be assured of outstanding quality throughout the range.

Value Tonearm Range

These entry level arms can provide a major upgrade to your existing turntable. The “Value Tonearm Range” bears this name because it combines affordability with exceptional performance.  These tonearms will reward you with vastly improved dynamics, clarity, and natural musicality. The high level of performance is inherited from taking the design of our Ultra High End Tonearms and using easier materials.

Premium Tonearm Range

The premium range includes transformative features like our armtubes, built from multiple layers to improve stiffness, energy transmission and damping. They also employ dual pivot bearings to reduce friction and improve de-coupling. These features give a world-class performance with the promise of many long hours of enjoyment.

High End Tonearm Range

The High-End Range combines advanced engineering with design research that goes much deeper than most other manufacturers. These arms are the culmination of years of development derived from a passion for delivering the very best audio experience.

The High-end Tonearm Range encompasses:

  • Our expression of the art-of-the-possible.
  • Ideals translated to norms
  • Traditions re-evaluated and refined
  • Innovation
  • Over 30 years of tonearm design experience

This has produced a family of elite performers! If your budget allows, one of these tonearms is the route to take. There are countless hours of listening enjoyment ahead.

Which Tonearm is right for you?

Well Researched design throughout the range

Origin Live has spent over 30 years researching concepts that many would consider irrelevant, expensive and unnecessary. But the outcome of this research has enjoyed critical acclaim and a mass of awards. Building on each success, we take the performance of each arm in the range to a new level – continuing to pursue the realism of music played live.

Your cartridge is similar to an electron microscope. To function correctly and produce a clear image, it’s essential to mount an electron microscope in a vibration free, isolated environment. Your high resolution cartridge is no different in principle, and you will only realize it’s true capability on an ultra-stable, vibration free platform like an Origin Live arm.

Many of us aspire to flawless high-performance in a tonearm. Choosing how much you wish to invest depends on how much you believe a better arm can increase the performance of your system. A high performance arm can make at least as much difference to sound quality as a better turntable or phono stage. Used in a first-class system the improvements to all aspects of music are exceptional.

Return on investment

Even the lower arms in the range possess astounding performance compared to other much more expensive brands. However in the same way cartridges improve as you progress up the range, there are large gains to be made with our higher arms. For example many clients have told us that they did not think it possible to improve on the Silver tonearm as it was so good compared to their previous (often more expensive) arm. Later on their curiosity led to trying a higher arm and they never look back.

There is no particular “sweet spot” in the range. Neither do you need to worry about cartridge / turntable  matching questions between different arms. Put simply, the higher an arm is in the range, the better it will be regardless of other factors.

It’s results that matter

There is a problem in explaining what goes into making a better sounding arm. It’s not all about specifications or material cost. When you hear the extraordinary performance of Origin Live Tonearms it’s easy to appreciate the secrets without concern for the details. What matters is that the remarkable design, high quality materials and precision engineering translates into your listening enjoyment.

In the “High End Range” we place a value on ideas which take knowledge, talent and dedicated research. What makes the Stradivarius violin so special? Or why do top violinists invest US$288,960 in a top quality bow?* There are countless examples of small details that make all the difference. Each detail may have literally thousands of incremental steps to produce ultimate performance. The final value of such attention to detail is difficult to overestimate.

Very occasionally you encounter designs which are far ahead of the rest. We offer such designs and invite you to discover the results for yourself. We think you’ll never look back.

*Silver and ebony mounted violin bow, made by Francois Xavier Tourte