“Every time I came into your listening room someone commented that it was the best sounding room in the show, so I knew I wasn’t alone in my opinion.”

Jeff King (UK largest show – Bristol 2018)

“…the best musical results I’ve ever heard from any turntable regardless of price.”

Stereo Times

Recreate The Original Sound

origin live voyager turntable

“In fact, this arm-table combination is one of the finest performers I’ve heard at any price… But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past eighteen years.”

Stereophile – Michael Fremer, Editor

  •   Achieve dramatic improvements to your sound quality and musical enjoyment.
  •  Origin Live products are such that Hi Fi show visitors frequently comment the sound quality is amongst the very best.
  •  We invite you to look deeper and put us to the test with our guarantee of satisfaction.

About Us

Based in Southampton, England, Origin Live has been manufacturing audiophile turntables and tonearms for a quarter of a century. The company has a small but dedicated team of engineers and artisans, run under the stewardship of former naval architect Mark Baker, and liaising with Loughborough University on some aspects of product design. The focus is on sound quality and value for money. This has seen Origin Live win a string of rewards in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Money is spent on the best materials, with outside specialists – including suppliers to Rolex and Bentley – used where needed. Origin Live now exports to over 40 countries and is continually expanding. Read More >

Origin Live are specialist manufacturers and dealers in high performance Hi Fi.  We offer:


From Affordable to Aspirational


For all brands of Turntable and Rega Tonearms

Expert Advice

You can ask for reliable help on system choices

Complete Systems

We are trusted dealers for many brands

Origin Live Tonearm

“the very best tonearm I’ve ever heard… awesomely tight bottom end, glass-clear midband, fantastic image precision, walkaround soundstaging and incredible timbral realism… open and airy up top. Words can’t express how good this is. One of the designs of the decade.”
Hi-Fi World

Origin Live’s Award Winning Sound

There are countless aspects which contribute to the award winning sound of our products but here are a few:

Specialists in Micro-Vibration

Origin Live have gone further than most Hi Fi Companies in the control and management of micro-vibration. Sound is air vibration forming complex wave shapes and patterns. To recreate these wave forms without degradation is challenging to say the least. You may hear talk of rigidity and damping but these things are just the tip of the iceburg. Our intense research into this area has resulted in highly developed and little known techniques which control vibration. This allows music to be delivered with absolute clarity, purity and transparency.

High Performance Materials

Origin Live are unswervingly conscientious in the selection of the very best materials necessary to recreate the drama and emotion of live music performances.

Precision Engineering

Strength and dimensional accuracy play an important role in the best Hi Fi equipment. To ensure the required quality, everything is manufactured in house. We measure and listen carefully to every detail of design to assess whether it plays music the way it should. The sound must have total realism, devoid of false artifacts that plague Hi Fi equipment.

Innovative Design

Origin Live’s design and innovation enable music to be played with the authentic dynamics, speed, and tonal nuances of a live performance. Learn More

We network and appreciate input from many experts in respective fields. For example the speed monitor control of our turntables was designed in collaboration with a leading  consultant working in the fighter aircraft industry.

The sound of Origin Live Hi Fi is simply more musical and enjoyable.

  • Our sound is often described as the most addictive ever heard. Editors, Reviewers and Leading Hi Fi designers own Origin Live products in their reference systems
  • 17 prestigious Awards stretching back to 1989
  • Multiple times group comparison test winners
  • In house design and manufacture
Origin Live Hi-Fi Awards

Choosing Hi-Fi & Auditioning

Choosing Hi Fi

When you look at any type of Hi Fi equipment whether it be turntables or cables, the choice is upwards of 300 different models. Most of us don’t have the time to examine every possibility so we offer help to choose which enables you to avoid the risks taken by the unwary.


If you’re nearby Southampton, England, feel free to arrange a visit to our listening room. If you’re a little further away, a shop from our world-wide dealer network will be happy to organise a demonstration. Alongside our main products we also offer carefully selected Hi-Fi components recommended on the basis of excellent sound quality and value-for-money.

Buy direct or through a dealer

Origin Live has an extensive dealer network, capable of providing expert advice and demonstrations. If you prefer, you can buy direct from us. Please note, we never under-cut our dealers and our policy towards discounting is explained in  the discount illusion.

About us

Origin Live is a specialist firm located in Southampton UK.  Founded by audio enthusiast Mark Baker, the firm started building Hi Fi products in a garage with 2 others. Mark’s extensive design experience as an ex Naval Architect proved to be highly applicable to Hi Fi. Since those difficult early days (over 30 years ago) the firm now owns a factory and employs highly trained craftsmen. Up to 80% of  our products are exported to 40+ countries, and the firm enjoys a growing reputation for outstanding performance.

Popular Products


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Rega Tonearm Modification

If you are the proud owner of a Rega tonearm, these cost effective upgrades dramatically improve perfomance. They are reliable and have received numerous enthusiastic reviews over many years. > Read More on Rega Tonearm Modifications

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