Welcome to returns, here you will find some helpful advice with returning goods from outside the EU. Please take care when returning goods to us. Duty and VAT charges can be levied incorrectly and unexpectedly. To avoid unforeseen or unexpected charges follow the advice below.

Please note, unless the product is faulty, the buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the item.

Shipping Advice

When Sending by normal postal service:

  • Put a value of around £24 on the item(s) as UK customs pay no attention to whether an item is not an import and incorrectly charge VAT, handling charges and duty. Parcels also get held up while they demand payment from us for these charges, which we then need to pass on to you.

When sending by Carrier:

  • For larger items it is often best to request the dealer who supplied you, to return the goods on your behalf as they have special terms with carriers and much lower costs.

If you are sending goods yourself:

  • Make a copy of the invoice that came with the goods. Lost invoices can be replaced by email upon request.
  • Highlight the items on the invoice that are being returned and mark “returned”
  • In the “description of goods” box on the Consignment Note or Airway Bill, write the following “Being returned, faulty goods as highlighted on invoice – to be entered into the UK under RETURNED GOODS RELIEF” Under code 6123F01. NO VAT OR DUTY to be charged.

Customs Form Advice

Customs Declaration:

  • When completing a Customs declaration form tick the ‘Gift Box‘. Alternatively, select the ‘Item for Repair‘ option, or if this option is not available, seek guidance on how to proceed.

Value of Goods:

  • For ‘Value of Goods‘ write a value less than £20 to avoid the payment of incorrectly assessed customs duty. On occasion Customs Officials pay little attention to the above and apply an arbitrary Customs Duty which has led to additional charges.

When sending from the USA please include the following text:

  • Attention Customs please note: Items are being returned as faulty goods to enter the UK under “RETURNED GOODS RELIEF” Under code 6123F01. NO VAT OR DUTY to be charged.