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The Three Pillars of Sound Quality


Hidden Innovation (13/07/2017)
Logo Voting (03/05/2017)

Why side bias design matters (30/01/2017)


Sovereign turntable review by Hi-Fi World Magazine (22/22/2016)
Origin Live Sovereign review by Hi-Fi+ and London Show (11/10/2016)

How good are Origin Live tonearms? (19/06/2016)


Harmonics: the missing peice of a complex puzzle (27/08/2015)
Demonstrating the difference a tonearm can make (08/08/2015)

Innovation you can employ in your deck (17/07/2015)
Innovation: patents and new ideas (10/07/2015)

How to tune your cartridge by ear (19/06/2015)

How to keep your stylus at peak performance (01/02/2015)

Why use an upgrade transformer? (19/01/2015)
Is upgrading your motor really worth it? (17/01/2015)


Upgrading the playing surface of your vinyl records (10/12/2014)
Why are turntables so responsive to modifications? (25/11/2014)

When to modify your deck or get a new one (20/10/2014)

Resolution turntable and enterprise tonearm combination review by Stereo Times (04/10/2014)

Origin Live belt review by Hi-Fi World (25/08/2014)

Little known facts about cables (02/08/2014)
Astute review by Hi-Fi Choice (12/07/2014)

TNT Audio review for Aurora MK3 (21/04/2014)

Astute loudspeakers part 1 (22/03/2014)

Astute loudspeakers part 2 (08/03/2014)

Brighton audio show and Astute loudspeakers part 1 (28/02/2014)
Origin Live upgrade belt features (22/01/2014)


Aladdin cartridge review by Hi-Fi+ (20/06/2013)
Aurora MK2 turntable review by Hi-Fi Choice (04/06/2013)

Write your own review (17/05/2013)

Quadral Introduction (10/04/2013)


Happy new year from Origin Live (29/12/2012)
Origin Live wins best tonearm award (06/12/2012)
Does age affect hearing? (28/07/2012)
Review on Origin Live’s cables by Hi-Fi+ (07/07/2012)
Latest Awards (03/06/2012)
To modify or not to modify (12/05/2012)
Austutes at Weybridge show (06/04/2012)


DC motor review by Hi-Fi World (10/12/2011)
Survey Results (21/11/2011)
Owner comments on Origin Live’s cables (05/11/2011)
Why not consider a cable upgrade? (25/10/2011)
Win an Origin Live Onyx tonearm (13/08/2011)
Whittlebury and survey (08/07/2011)
Origin Live’s Zephyr tonearm winner (08/07/2011)
Why upgrading a tonearm is easy (13/06/2011)
New loudspeaker range (28/04/2011)
Turbo charging deck (25/01/2011)

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