Astutes at Weybridge show

We exhibited recently at the Weybridge Hi Fi Show which proved very worthwhile. Everybody seemed to enjoy the setting in a superb country manor, the birthplace of King Henry VIII.

If you live anywhere near London then this show is worth putting in your diary for March 2013.
The show provided an opportunity for us to get your opinions on the look and sound of the new Astute speakers. Some expressed surprise that such a “break the mould” concept could even work, let alone sound so shockingly good. Many others smiled, complimented the wow factor aesthetics and said the room was decidedly one of the best sounds at the show. Why are we producing a new speaker? This is a good question, as every man and a dog seem to be making them. The last thing anybody needs is yet another box (however good sounding may be). For example we produced speakers that looked great and sounded so good that they won a Hi Fi World group comparison test in 1997. In the end however we had to exit the field due to market saturation. Speakers are a very high risk area for manufacturers and a graveyard for many designs. This is due to the incredibly complex nature of a truly outstanding design in a fiercely competitive market.
Against this backdrop, a new speaker really should break fresh ground. It should also be absolutely extraordinary in performance and unique in style! The DNA of Origin Live is original thinking, so over many years we have been distilling a number of new solutions to this complex area. Why we view design as far more important than features, exotic materials, and branding is something we want to talk about in the future.
As things progress we will keep you informed with reviews which are expected to start in around 4 months or so.