Turntable Upgrades

Turntable upgrades are a great way to significantly improve the performance of your turntable. We’ve developed a number turntable upgrades and modifications which are outstandingly sucessfull in benefiting performance. Many owners are staggered at the improvements wrought by such seemingly small changes. Most of the items you see below are applicable to 95% of turntables whatever the brand. You can start by trying one and then when you’ve experienced the benefit, move on to others.

Turntable & Tonearm Upgrades and Modifications

One of the best ways to upgrade your turntable or tonearm, is to try our upgrades and modifications. This is a sensible option if you want massive improvement in sound quality but  are restrained by budget. It is also a preferred option for those who wish to keep their equipment simply because they have grown attached to it or enjoy its particular presentation of music.


Why choose Origin Live? Origin Live have built up a wealth of experience by upgrading many brands of deck and tonearm, with over 20 years experience. We understand the difference between something that just sounds different to something that sounds much better. This is borne out by our leading reputation for delivering outstanding results with astonishingly high value for money. There is no substitute for front line experience in knowing what works and doesn’t – in a relatively crowded market we offer solutions that have been tried and tested against the best at many times the price.

How we offer value for money? High performance need not always cost the earth and for those on tight budgets we achieve high value through better design, economies of scale, in house manufacture, and high quality materials rather than the cheaper untested choices used in many products.