Turntable Belt Upgrade

turntable belt upgrade image for belt features articleTurntable Belt Upgrade £35 (flat only)

How to order a turntable belt to the correct size – this should be read before making any enquiries about your particular deck.

How to specify Turntable Belt Length & Order

Turntable Belt Upgrade?

Can a turntable belt upgrade significantly affect sonic performance? Surprisingly this seemingly humble upgrade can produce results way beyond expectations. The concept that a turntable belt only enables the motor to rotate your platter at a constant speed, is understandable but superficial. Lurking beneath the simplicity of a turntable belt drive, there are a host of unrecognized problems and opportunities to improve. As an innovative manufacturer, it did not take long to realise that different turntable belts had an inordinate influence on sound quality. We, therefore, invested considerable time auditioning countless belt materials, shapes, thicknesses and configurations.

The resulting turntable belt is remarkable in producing noticeably better sound in all aspects, especially in deeper and more precise bass. It also eliminates static problems which sometimes occur on decks. This is important because a high static charge on a record affects cartridge performance.

The price of our turntable belt upgrade is well below it’s performance value. In fact, there are manufacturers offering ground neoprene belts costing £80, which offer little or no improvement over a standard neoprene turntable belt and certainly come nowhere close to the performance of our upgrade belt, which is nearly 1/3rd of the cost.

Turntable Belt Upgrade – Review Quotes

“That innocuous-looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise…The Upgrade Turntable Belt…is one of the most cost-effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12). I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek.”
Hi-Fi World Magazine

“This is an extraordinary product. I expected an audible but marginal change. Nothing prepared me for its effect. It needed about an hour to get properly ‘run in’ – during which there was a transformation in the sound coming out of my speakers: 3D and in the room. Everything claimed in the recent email announcing this product was evident, and the comments of the reviewers reflect exactly what I heard. I am quite astounded at the difference this product has made – and all for thirty quid. Don’t think about it – just give yourself a treat.”
Iain, Owner Comment

“Amazing – cleans up bass remarkably and general improvement overall but removes static completely, which was a real nuisance in the present hot dry weather.
Amazing for a little rubber belt and very good value for money”
Philip, Owner Comment

A normal turntable belt inadvertently transmits unwanted vibration from your turntable motor, to the platter, then to the record, where it finally feeds into your stylus. This chain directly influences your deck’s performance. Upgrading your standard drive belt, to one which dampens vibration properly has been proven to deliver spectacular results well beyond expectations.

A record player belt, fabricated from superior material with the correct surface finish, will dramatically improve the performance of your turntable. In fact, most people who have tried the Origin Live belt upgrade started out not expecting a significant difference, only to be shocked by the improvement.

The turntable belt upgrade comes with a cast iron guarantee–if you’re not delighted, we’ll refund your money.

We list belt upgrades for many turntables or you can specify the length you want us to make. If your deck is not listed, you can work out the length as outlined at the END of the turntable belt Turntable Belt Ordering Page.

Turntable Belt sizes are specified using the circumference, which is the total length of the belt.

Note that these belts are flat (4.7mm in height approx and 0.75mm thick). They will not work on decks with round belts such as Rega, Michell, etc, unless they have an Origin Live motor kit fitted.

*We supply turntable belts to any length. The price is not length-dependent. Some common turntable belt lengths are given on the order page >  for guidance. Please specify the length required at checkout time.

Before e-mailing us questions on whether we supply a belt for your particular turntable, please read the details on the ordering page on how to measure your belt length See  “How to specify Belt Length & Order” >.

How to specify Belt Length & Order

Why a Turntable Belt upgrade makes such a difference

The unique Origin Live Turntable Belt Upgrade is hand fabricated from a special elastic material, far superior to that found in normal belts. This provides a great opportunity to seriously upgrade the performance of your turntable. The dramatic performance derives from increased grip, less stretch and better damping. Sll this translates into less vibration transmitted to your platter.

It’s easy to be skeptical that a turntable upgrade belt can dramatically improve the performance. However this is because most of us are not aware of the colossal 8000X magnification that all vibration undergoes when introduced to the stylus needle. Hearing the difference that the turntable belt upgrade makes over any official turntable drive belt is staggering.  It leads to a better appreciation of the extreme delicacy of vinyl replay.

To Discover the best belt material we explored:

  1. Round belts in various materials
  2. Flat belts in various materials
  3. Cotton thread
  4. Nylon thread
  5. Video & audio tape
  6. Multiple numbers of belts ranging from 1 to 3

This research culminated in the discovery of a material not used in conventional belts. The results speak for themselves with all decks which use a flat belt. The new belt, named the “Upgrade Belt” can also be used with any Origin Live DC Motor Kit.

“I purchased this turntable belt and TT oil for my heavily modified Ariston Rd 11 Superieur, Not only did the sound quality through the full range greatly improve but there was also a dramatic reduction in surface noise! Best upgrade ever. All for £40.” DAVE HALL from customer reviews.


The Turntable Belt comes with a 1-year warranty against workmanship faults.

Any length* Upgrade Turntable Belt (flat only) £35

How to specify Turntable Belt length & order