Demonstrating the difference a tonearm cable can make


I’d like to let you know we are exhibiting at the upcoming National Audio Show in Whittlebury on the weekend of 19th – 20th September. For location and details see link NAS 2015.

The production version of the high end Voyager-S deck should be ready for this. The deck looks terrific but more importantly sounds fantastic due to a great deal of unorthodox development.

Also new, will be a range of Silver/ Copper Hybrid cables. These are especially important for upgrading tonearm performance as signal levels are about 1000 times less than say, the output of a CD player. We will be conducting comparisons to demonstrate the astonishing difference these make.

We have also been busy developing an improved form of mains isolation applicable for all systems which should be ready for the show.

Please put this date in your diary if you can make it as there is plenty to hear and discuss.