Owner comments on Origin Live cables

Sometimes we get a particularly insightful comment on a product from those of you who write back to say how delighted you are about something. This time John Agnew has given us permission to publish his opinion on our new loudspeaker cable. His comments carry particular weight because he has tried so many different brands of cable and is somewhat of an expert.

He writes back “Having experimented with many different cables over a good number of years, I have been won over by the superiority of Litz cables in the form of a pair of Audioquest interconnects. This set me on a search for a Litz speaker equivalent. After reading the review of your Linear Flow 2 Loudspeaker Litz cable I decided to give them a try even though they are relatively inexpensive.

The Linear Flow 2s are a clear improvement on every speaker type I have ever tried and has proved to be the most effective cable upgrade I have ever made. The improvements were staggering: dynamics, bass, sweet harmonious, mid and treble with an open palpable image-you name it.

Thanks Origin Live I’ll be ordering some more to rewire the speakers inside.

John Agnew – Scotland