Encounter Tonearm wins “best tonearm award” from Hi-Fi World Magazine.

We are very pleased to have just won the “Best Tonearm Award” in Hi Fi World magazine for the 12 inch Encounter MK3C. This is a fantastic endorsement of the new 12 inch versions which are available now on all our arms. The award write up ends “In all then, the new Encounter 12in proved a £1745 delight, well worth our award”

In addition to this we also received a nice write up in Hi Fi + magazine December issue on the Zephyr arm at £970 stating “This is a very good arm at a very very good price. It’s an enthusiast arm made by an enthusiast for an enthusiast…. getting a sound quality that anyone would fall in love with. If you think the high end begins with high price and ends up with bling, the Origin Live Zephyr will prove a breath of fresh air for vinyl lovers.A strong recommendation” – HI-FI+magazine

People often ask what the difference is sonically between a 9.5 inch arm and a 12 inch arm? The answer is firstly that the reduced tracking distortion manifests itself in a more effortless and coherent presentation, bass weight also increases surprisingly and the presentation is generally smoother all round. On the downside there is a slight loss of speed and transient attack but overall the timing of the 12 inch is more coherent and we prefer it’s sound. Having said this, there is not a vast difference and the overall character of each arm model shines through predominantly on both versions of the same arm. For example a 12 inch Silver would not outperform a 9.5 inch Zephyr which is one step up in the range and therefore has significantly better performance.

Kindest Regards Mark